Back With Spring Blossom

paperwaterdrops is back and ready to blog again! It's been about a year since a new post, but our blog has been revived with a new look.

This is one of my first purchases of pyrex that I just bought a week ago. I found this cute 1.5 quart Spring Blossom Oval Casserole Dish at goodwill for only 1.99! It didn't have it's lid with it but I'm sure it will be found some day. I already had a few verde pieces to begin with so I think this dish will fit in with it's new family quite well!

I have been visiting goodwills all over where I live and haven't found many exciting pieces, so when I saw this dish I knew I wanted it for my collection. Stay tuned for some more posts about my other pieces of pyrex in my collection so far!

Check this out on Pyrex Collective III

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