Dumpster Diving & Painted Dressers

One thing that my sister and I like to do towards the end of the months in the Summer is dumpster dive! From the past couple of times heading through the alleys of Richmond, we were able to acquire some random, but also useful pieces. On our first adventure we were able to pick up a few pieces of furniture. The first piece was this similar ikea tv stand.

Our second find on this trip was a mid century dresser in really nice condition. Our only issue was that we already had the ikea stand in the back of the subaru, which means something had to go. My sister really wanted the dresser for her room so we took the ikea piece out and placed the dresser in the car. There was still some space left in the back so I was persistent of fitting them both in the trunk. Little did I know one of the shelves would fall out and gash my foot. Ow. 

Also before fitting the dresser into the car, we unscrewed the legs to give us more space in the back. When we arrived back at my sister's place to unload the pieces and clean my foot, we realized we only had three of the legs for the dresser. Woops. We had to venture out to the alleys of Richmond and figure out which alley we had gotten the dresser from. Luckily after some searching, we found the spot and retrieved the dresser leg. The dresser is similar to these dressers:

Some other random finds that we collected were 2 black standing lamps, 3 rolls of quilt batting, desk organizer, 4 pilsner glasses, a bookshelf and a vanity. The vanity has since been taken to my new apartment and is in the process of a makeover. I also received my sister's old dresser which will be getting a similar makeover. I bought a can of paint and started sanding!

The dresser took 2 coats of paint since it was white to begin with and the vanity took 3 coats. Once my room is set up I will post more pictures of the finished product!

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