Pyrex Left Behind & Saved

Over the weekend, my sister and I stopped in The Love Of Jesus thrift store to browse the shelves. The first thing that I came upon was an Americana oval casserole dish taped up with the Verde oval casserole dish lid. I'm not a fan of the Americana pattern, but I was more interested in the Verde lid because my Verde casserole dish has been without it's lid for many years! The set together was $6 which is a lot for wanting just the lid but I decided to pass along the Americana dish to my boyfriend.

Here is the Verde lid with the Americana oval casserole dish that came together.

Items that we did leave behind were two yellow cinderella mixing bowls. I'm not sure which set they belong to but they were in awful shape. 

Not only were they in bad shape, but they were overpriced for their condition. 

( You can see how my lovely Verde lid and Americana wrapped up in security tape above )

Here is the Verde lid accompanied with the Verde oval casserole dish. It's like they were meant to be.


  1. Stunning how overpriced Pyrex is becoming some places. I too have run into some $5, cracked-out, washed-out pieces lately.

    I know I'm among the minority out there, but I think the Early American pieces are darn cute.

  2. I like the early american pieces too! Im limiting myself to which im collecting... Mostly brcause it makes my parents crazy :) but i collected the whole early american cinderella bowl set for my aunt for $9!!!! Bought three from an unsuspecting girl who was moving out of her apartment (they were dirtier than things ive found in barn sales! Eek!) i gave her $5 for three she had. Then i found one at a barn sale for $4, and it fit the set! Reunited :) just like your verde pieces- you brought them back together!

  3. Early American pieces are my favorite.