DIY Necklace Pendant

A few days ago I shopped around Michael's looking for some interesting pieces to make into a necklace. Along the sale rack I found this cheap black pendant that I was inspired to create my own paint dipped necklace. The way I created the "dipped" look was by first wrapping tape around the pendant where I wanted the paint to go.

After that I just used a small paint brush to paint the bottom half of the pendant. Since the pendant was black, I had to paint a couple of coats in order for the color to show. After the paint was completely dry, I carefully peeled off the tape to reveal a nice clean line. Forgetting to take pictures along the way of making this necklace, I made a chain that was the length that I wanted it to be and linked the ends together. 

I then applied a few layers of this Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic coating to prevent the paint from scratching off of the surface of the pendant.

This is the necklace drying on my balcony.

Now I have a new necklace that will pretty much go with anything and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I bought materials to make different necklaces as well so hopefully I can get on with making new jewelry.

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