Finds Left Behind

Last weekend my sister and I made our rounds at the local thrift stores in Richmond. We actually found a good amount of stuff at the Goodwill Outlet but at other stores, not as good prices. At one thrift store we found these two Pyrex bowls but way to overpriced for what they had to offer. The first piece that we found was this little Butter Gold 401 cinderella bowl on the shelf for a whopping $4.98. Cute, but not that cute... sorry.

Like I said in this post, I knew I would come across another Primary 402 bowl and sadly, the price wasn't doing it for me this time. Yes, the bowl was a little damaged and if the bowl was in better condition, I probably would have spent the $4.98 price.

I will find you again red primary, I know you exist and are ready to be with me collection.

Another fun thing that my sister and I ran across was this device called a Flowbee. Apparently it's a "as seen on tv" item but was surprised to find that there were 2 at this thrift store.

Here my sister is modeling the device that looks like a vacuum for your hair while also cutting your hair at the same time. Never would have thought this existed.

One last thing that was left behind was this faded Pyrex bowl that I spotted a few weeks ago. 

I'm not sure what set this bowl came from. Maybe the pink nesting bowl collection?

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