Spring Blossom Collection!

So recently I have not come across any pyrex in the thrifting world so I will just share with you my current spring blossom collection. About a month and a half ago was the last time I came across my last big purchase. On the shelves of a local Goodwill I found a 441 white Butterprint bowl that I ended up giving to my sister since she collects that pattern. 

I also found a 401, 402, 441, and 442 Spring Blossom mixing bowls all stacked together! It had been my biggest find yet. 

My newest member of the Spring Blossom family is this fridgie that my sister picked up for me at a local thrift store in Richmond. I am so excited because it is my first fridgie!

Here is my Spring Blossom family all together :)

Here is the post I made about the Spring Blossom casserole dish!

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