New Dots Disaster!

I never got around to blogging about my New Dots find but I think now is the appropriate time to share. Over the summer when I was at Goodwill, I gasped when I spotted the yellow New Dots bowl on the shelf! I was even more excited when it said that it was only $2.99!

Isn't she so pretty?? Of course I ran around looking through all the carts to see if they had split up all the colors. Unfortunately none of the other colors were there but I was still excited to get my hands on this yellow one!

An unfortunate disaster happened this weekend and I almost cried when it happened. My roommates and I had some people over on Monday when Sandy decided to come and classes were cancelled. Some guys in the kitchen were washing dishes after eating lunch and I came in and looked up and slowly my New Dots bowl was falling and falling until it smashed to pieces on the floor. I stood there staring at the bowl and wanted to cry at the moment. I held back my tears though.

This is the aftermath:

Hopefully I can find this bowl again and repair the hole in my heart this has left me. 

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  1. OMG! That is HORRIBLE! I feel so bad for you. I would be so upset!
    This happened to me although not the "new dots" pattern but with the butterprint, I had the butterprint mixing bowl on my baker's rack last summer and all of a sudden everything on my bakers rack fell. I have two cats, and one of them knocked over my pyrex! I was so upset, I was more upset because I glass flew everywhere and I did not want them to get glass in their paws.
    I did however got 2 more butterprints since then, so you might have the same luck.