Primary Fridgies

I made my weekly trip to the local Goodwill store on Saturday and luckily I spotted a pretty yellow dish on an end rack in the store. It was a 503 yellow primary fridgie waiting to be adopted! The dish was in perfect condition, though some glass damage from the lid (at least it had a lid!)

 Since Goodwill likes to sort all their items by color, the red cart was right next to the yellow and there sitting on it were 2 501 red primary fridgies with lids!

These two however are not in the greatest of conditions, but they are still vibrant and shiny! My next instinct was to check the blue section again to see if I missed the other fridgie for this set, but I couldn't find it. This was still a good find for me though! The yellow fridgie was $3 and the red fridgies were $2 each. 

 Over the summer, I stopped on this little thrift store near where I was working and spotted this cool Pyrex glass. The cup didn't have a price on it so they sold it to me for 10 cents. Unfortunately there was only one.

I've tried researching them and the most I can find are similar cups called Glas-Snap and DrinkUps. I'm trying to find this particular one so I can make a set but I am having trouble finding it. Does anybody have any information about this cup?

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  1. Wow what a great deal! I haven't found much dishware at my store but I'll have to keep looking!