The Wonders of Spray Paint

One of my favorite pastimes involves breathing life into abused and abandoned treasures (especially when such revitalizations can be accomplished on the cheap). 

I don't care much for brassy finishes, so when I happened upon the two perfectly utilitarian record storage pieces pictured below, I knew a quick makeover was needed.  

Two of my favorite transformations to date were incredibly easy and inexpensive. Behold! 

Up first is this fabulous vintage record rack that I picked up for less than three bucks.  

And second, a re-purposed magazine rack. I can't remember exactly how much this particular piece cost me, but I suspect it was no more than a dollar or two. 

As a renter, it's also nice to incorporate color in unexpected ways, since painting the walls isn't always a viable option.

For more information, check out this great spray paint tutorial on Design*Sponge


  1. nothing like a good coat of paint to make things look 110% better!

  2. I know someone who needs one of these :)